TNW Russian Startup Awards: here are the winners

Meet the most talented entrepreneurs and Startups in Russia

What a great finale. After 4 weeks of online battling to get nominations and votes it was finally time to reveal the winners of the TNW Russian Startup Awards. Check out the most talented startups, designs, apps, investors and founders of Russia!
Five weeks ago The Next Web announced the Russian Startup Awards. An online competition to discover the most talented startups, founders, investors and accelerators of the country. 
The public could nominate and vote for their favorites in 7 categories. Without further ado, we proudly present:

Startup of the Year:

Best Web App:

Best Mobile App:

Best Design:

Best E-commerce:

Best (Co-)Founder: Igor Sysoev, Nginx (@isysoev)

Best Investor:

The winners received a ticket to TNW Conference Europe 2013 in Amsterdam, the 25th and 26th of April. 
The meetup that would take place February 21th, is postponed until further notice due to visa issues. We’d still like to meet up with you, nominees, and will inform you when TNW is in town to have a nice networking night with the Russian Startup scene.
About TNW Startup Awards Europe

The TNW Startup Awards are a series of 12 local awards in Europe's tech hubs. In each country, an online competition where the public can nominate and vote their favourite will determine the hottest startups, founders and investors. After the online awards, meetups with a TNW co-founder or editor will take place in Berlin,  London, Dublin, Paris, Barcelona, Bucharest, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Kiev, Moscow, Istanbul and Copenhagen. The categories of the awards are: Startup of the Year, best (co-)founder, best web app, best mobile app, best user experience, slickest design and best investor. The TNW Startup Awards are voted for by the public through their preferred social media channel.

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